Open Command and Control (OpenC2)

Creating a standardized language for the command and control of technologies that provide or support cyber defenses.


OpenC2 defines a language at a level of abstraction that will enable unambiguous command and control of cyber defense technologies.

OpenC2 is broad enough to provide flexibility in the implementation of devices and accommodate future products and will have the precision necessary to achieve the desired effect.

As an Open Source initiative, the community of cyber-security stakeholders across government agencies, small to large industries across all sectors, and academia can join together to innovate and evolve this cyberdefense approach.

Current Cyberdefense

Today, cyber defense technologies, systems and applications often use proprietary software and commands to control system configurations. Most environments within a company or enterprise are comprised of hundreds of different types of cyber-defense devices. This highlights the importance of interconnecting an organization’s cybersecurity solutions to ensure ongoing and effective threat management.

When security incidents are detected or configuration changes are required, manual commands and real time system updates are required, increasing incident response time and potentially introducing human error.

OpenC2 for Defense in Cyber-Relevant Time

Integrations reduce the level of manual efforts but are costly to develop and maintain and rely heavily on proprietary communication interfaces. This requires reconfiguring parts or the entire defense ecosystem of the organization when tools are introduced or replaced or when there are updates to the APIs utilized. Through OpenC2 and the use of standardized interfaces and protocols, interoperability across tools, vendors, technologies and programming languages is achieved.

Security professionals can orchestrate automated, tactical threat responses across a wide range of cyber-defense technologies at speeds significantly greater than previously imagined.

How can OpenC2 help?

OpenC2 is a limited language which simply conveys the “action” part of the cybersecurity process.

This open standards driven orchestration language, based on the nouns and verbs required to encode human intent and decisions and machine-readable instructions, enables automated courses of action.

Frequently Asked Questions